Clímaco Pereira Family

Apple Farmers and Cider Producers

In the 14th century, the Cistercian Monks of the Monastery of Alcobaça chose Bombarral to plant their orchards because of their “good clay”.

From this rich history and agricultural tradition are born products made with the best apples of portuguese best west orchards, in the Clímaco Pereira family for 3 generations.

We only use carft methods as well as our the best selected apples, 100% Portuguese apple juice to make our ciders.

The whole process is followed from begining until the end: planting, processing, harvesting, apples selection, crushing and cider rearing.

In this way we are sure that we maintain excellence in the quality of our ciders.

We used several varieties of Portuguese apples in the west to make our products: apple ciders, sparkling ciders, cider brut with no sugar added and cider vinegar.




Nuno Clímaco

Nuno Clímaco Pereira

Cider Expert, Nuno has magic cider hands!

He devotes endless hours to produce and carry for ciders.All ciders and flavours are created by him.

He is the only one that knows them with closed eyes and by their name!


Liliana Nóbrega

Liliana Nóbrega

Enthusiastic and dreamer, Liliana loves cider!

She helps to create new flavors, products and idealizes every presence of Sidrada in events. Always searching for good oportunities in the cider world…

Step by step we got there !